Benefits of Wearing Tortoise Jewelry

Benefits of Wearing Tortoise Jewelry

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According to Feng Shui, a tortoise that lives in water is considered to be a mark of success and positivity. In Hindu mythology, to tortoise was considered to be a rebirth of Lord Vishnu. Tortoise rings are now made in many types of colored stones and metals. Tortoise is known to indicate love and happiness in our lives and wearing a Feng Shui tortoise ring in your finger can be extremely valuable.

Most Benefits of Wearing Tortoise Jewelry

Tortoise also represents gradual and continuous wealth coming along with longevity and protection. Tortoise rings are also believed to develop intuitive qualities and are considered good for both business and creative people. Wearing a tortoise ring helps to calm many faults of a person’s life.

With the main objective of bringing success and wealth, the tortoise ring also helps in increasing the self-confidence of a person wearing it. Tortoise is gifted with long life among mammals so in Vastu Shastra and feng shui it is believed that wearing a tortoise ring gives long life. Tortoise rings are made up of different metals. If you are wearing tortoise jewelry, make sure that it does not touch your body directly i.e.

Benefits of Wearing Tortoise Jewelry
it should be placed a little further from your body. Wearing a tortoise ring not only gives you strength but it also helps in business. Silver is commonly used for making turtle rings. Tortoise is considered as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu so it is considered very close to Laxmi.

Goddess Laxmi is known for bringing wealth and prosperity in life. A shape of tortoise is a very important factor as it represents the earth and the heaven. It is said that in real life as well, the tortoise represents movement, persistence and hard work and it brings in health and success for the family.


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